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Searching for Lost Soul


Pas. Anil Andrewz, is the founder of Anil Andrewz Trust. Accepted the Lord as personal saviour and baptised on January 7th, 2001. Since then he has been serving the Lord by preaching God's word, through many organisations. 

In 2012, while praying for full time ministry he clearly heard God's voice saying "Search and bring back my lost sheep". Upon hearing the God's voice, he obeyed and dedicated his life for full time ministry. Since then, without any compromise, he is preaching Gospel and God's word to strengthen many souls spiritually.

As per the Lord's given vision 2019, he visited many rural villages and found that these villages are not having proper churches and pastors. With 

the burden in heard he started encouraging Pastors and actively involved in church plantation. Also this ministry includes training up youth as Sunday school teacher so that children in these areas are saved.

According to the God's will got married to Selvin Nissi on January 7th, 2020 and both are now working in God's vineyard.


We believe that the Word of God goes forth and always does what it has been sent to do and that is - 'transform lives'. 

  1. Church plantation:  There are many villages which never tasted the Love of Christ. God’s love can be shown only through church. By recognising this fact ,we started identifying villages which are not having church and started church plantation. The main Moto of our ministry is training up those who are interested in Serving God, providing support for their livelihood and church plantation.
  2. Counselling: Counselling and intercession is done regularly to help and equip people who are in problems and difficulties. One can avail counselling through e-mail, telephone and personal meeting by appointment. 
  3. Children's Ministry: This ministry includes training up youth as Sunday school teacher so that children in these areas are saved.where children from all faiths are introduced to the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ.
  4. Online Ministry:  In present scenario, God’s Ministry is expanding widely. We are able to reach many through Youtube, Facebook. Seek & Save the Lost and make them come closer to God in whichever way possible is the main purpose of our ministry.


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A leader is the one, who knows the way, goes the way and show the way. When someone is truly a visionary and works all his life changing the course of history by inventing, discovering or implementing things that can improve people’s lives, they become immortals! ofcourse their bodies die, but their vision and their work lives and so does their sayings.




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